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What is new at MIPIM 2018?

15 mars 2018

Nothing! Sea of blue suits representing investors, developers, municipalities, service providers etc, stands and expo area pretty much the standard, by and large re-visiting population mostly men, networking in bars, hotels, restaurants, boats. This list can be expanded and of course by stating nothing new is bound to touch some nerves, and from outside looking at the cosmetics there is nothing new.

But there are two important takes from MIPIM 2018;

  • Showcasing market resilience and that business is still happening regardless the geo-political situation globally.
  • Bringing inclusive growth and circular economy to the center stage.

Latter from my point of view is what MIPIM has done it refreshingly in 2018. MIPIM has an audience that can make difference on how our cities are being developed, how urbanization will shape our future, how we can fix the cause rather than treating the symptoms.

It is evident that cities are to take center stage for growth, with highest urbanization rates in our history and our compromised planet on multiple fronts, we need more than ever to bring social profits in the equation on each and every development. MIPIM 2018 has lifted this to the center stage and started a dialogue.  Now it’s for all the participants to take this message and act. And for all men to give way for equal participation for other half of the population.

Will Sibia

Sustainable Development, Sweco


Will Sibia, Energi- och miljötexpert, Telefon:+4686955845

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