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Welcome back to work after the swedish summer break!

15 augusti 2016

I have just started back in the office after a 4 week summer break. I haven’t had this much time off work in a row before, except for my honeymoon, so it has been quite a new experience for me. This is another difference I have noticed about working in Sweden compared to in the UK, and I think it is fantastic. In Sweden the majority of companies shut down over the summer with my office in Gothenburg closing completely for 3 weeks. In the building industry this is always at the same time of the year from mid July- August.

In fact by law all people working in Sweden are entitled to take 4 consecutive weeks of holiday over the summer. Many stay in Sweden and spend time away from cities in the nature at their summer houses. I travelled abroad to experience some hot weather but also took time to visit our summer cabin in Jönköping and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful nature as you can see from the photo below.

Swedish summer

I personally think that this difference is very beneficial to both employees and companies. It gives employees a chance to properly relax and spend important quality time with family and friends, which in turn encourages us to be more productive when back in the office. I have always found the first day going back to work after holidays difficult, like most people, but this time was strangely different. I felt excited to get back into project work and looked forward to the challenges ahead. I have been filled with extra energy and enthusiasm which I am sure will be the case for many of my colleagues.

I would like to say a big “välkomna tillbaka” to my Swedish colleagues and I am looking forward to continuing my adventure working at Sweco in Sweden!

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