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What is sustainable? Taxonomy tries to answer

21 april 2021 i Agera nu! Swecos hållbarhetsblogg

The taxonomy is a complex tool. We who will work with it need to read every line and to discuss it with peers to find a common understanding that we in some instances may find challenged by others (at the time of writing, the final version has not been published in all its parts). However, I disagree with those who claim that the EU Commission has failed us. It has by and large delivered the best possible answer – political and science-based in equal measures – to what sustainability looks like in the climate dimension. I don’t even bother to disagree with those who are against the whole concept of the taxonomy – it is here, whether we like it or not, and those who adapt the best, win….

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The EU Taxonomy: Protests and next steps

19 mars 2021 i Agera nu! Swecos hållbarhetsblogg

In a couple of weeks, we expect the European Commission’s revised proposal for the climate taxonomy. 10 countries have protested against what they see as unfair treatment of the bioeconomy. What does that mean and what will? …

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