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Disruptive or Disrupting Mobility? A Brief Reflection on Smart Mobility from a Service Providers Perspective

10 november 2018 i Digitalisering

The year is sometime in a possible future and it’s 6 ’o clock in the morning. A loud pitched noise from a bed alarm, one of very few low-tech gadgets in this future, has just jolted Juliana Restrepo out of bed. “At least the remainder of the day will be less harsh, I hope” she catches…

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Providing the services to London’s evolving skyline.

28 oktober 2016 i Ventilen

When I used to live in London, the image below was my view on my daily commute to work; the view of Canary Wharf from Canada Water where I lived. It is amazing to think that I am now working for the company that will provide the Building Services to the buildings that will change this view, with…

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My visit to the Sweco UK office in Maidenhead

24 oktober 2016 i Ventilen

Whilst visiting family in the UK last week, I decided it would be a great opportunity to visit our UK Building Services team. I visited the Maidenhead office, which is located between London and my hometown of Reading. The Maidenhead office is solely for Building Services engineers comprising of mechanical, electrical, public health, fire, vertical…

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Welcome back to work after the swedish summer break!

15 augusti 2016 i Ventilen

I have just started back in the office after a 4 week summer break. I haven’t had this much time off work in a row before, except for my honeymoon, so it has been quite a new experience for me. This is another difference I have noticed about working in Sweden compared to in the…

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Going Global with Grontmij

10 juni 2016 i Ventilen

It is an exciting time for me to join Sweco, as we recently became Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy following the acquisition of Grontmij. As part of the Building Services group in Sweden this is a big change, as it means we now have a Building Services presence in the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands,…

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From London to “Little London”: A New Adventure at Sweco in Sweden

8 juni 2016 i Ventilen

At the beginning of this year I decided to make the move from London to Gothenburg, Sweden, to continue my career in Building Services. Gothenburg, also given the nickname “Little London”, is a growing, dynamic city with many large infrastructure projects ongoing and planned. It is an exciting place to work as a Building Services…

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