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Simplifying building acoustics with SonArchitect

13 januari 2014

“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”

As acousticians this is often the challenge; presenting our findings in a way which is easily understood by our clients. The complex nature of buildings acoustics, especially in large scale projects, often presents such challenges. However Sweco’s acoustic group have for the last year been working with a revolutionary piece of buildings acoustics software which makes the evaluation and presentation of sound insulation data much more intuitive and easier to understand.

SonArchitect (developed by Sound of Numbers) is a software program which calculates acoustic insulation in accordance with EN 12354. The revolutionary aspect of this program is that it allows for the evaluation of entire buildings quickly and effectively. Moreover the program is very visual and integrates a flexible report generator. The program also has a 3D auralisation module which gives a subjective listening experience of the acoustic performance of partition structures.

To date we have used SonArchitect to calculate the acoustic performance in buildings such as offices, preschools, universities and health centres, to positive feedback from our clients.

Sound of Numbers
Sound insulation of partition walls in SonArchitect
SonArchitect auralisation
Auralisation in SonArchitect

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