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MIPIM Day 1 – Market Sentiment – Optimism with a side of caution

15 mars 2017

As the first day in Cannes concluded with a beautiful evening, the atmosphere was optimistic and was full steam ahead for most businesses. If the first day at MIPIM 2017 was any indication of how the property industry is feeling – it feels good!

Most global macro indicators are positive, however, even at MIPIM there was no escape from the discussions and opinions on the repercussions of the US elections, Brexit and the gaps in the EU. None the less it seemed businesses have somehow been immune to all the recent uncertainties.

This brings me to the keynote speech by Dr. Parag Khanna, who actually answered the big question = how and why geopolitical issues may be less relevant to the businesses?

What was really exciting to see was how the world is connected and interconnected via far more robust infrastructure then we normally would imagine. We have built a skeleton of communication around the globe that is far more resilient to geopolitical disruptions than physical infrastructure.

Globalization, urbanization & digitalization are creating an unprecedented demand for development, which is being capitalised by businesses. Uncertainty is not only from geopolitical changes, but also from the imminent threat of climate change, this demand needs to be handled sustainably. With such access to global knowledge and technical solutions, there is no obstruction to a possibility of a sustainable planet.

/Will Sibia

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