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From London to “Little London”: A New Adventure at Sweco in Sweden

8 juni 2016

At the beginning of this year I decided to make the move from London to Gothenburg, Sweden, to continue my career in Building Services. Gothenburg, also given the nickname “Little London”, is a growing, dynamic city with many large infrastructure projects ongoing and planned. It is an exciting place to work as a Building Services Engineer, especially working for Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, Sweco.


Photos of Gothenburg

After getting married last year, my Swedish husband and I deliberated whether we wanted to stay in the UK or make the big move to Sweden. We decided that a move to Sweden was the best option for us and so far we feel we have made the right choice. I arrived in the cold winter month of February but am now enjoying the long summer evenings by the ocean and weekends spent at our summer cabin in the forest. It is certainly a big but positive change from life in central London.

So far I am really enjoying working for Sweco in Sweden. Despite the challenges of learning a new language, working in Sweden feels like being at the forefront of technology and sustainable design as well as getting the work life balance right. One of my favourite differences between the UK and Sweden is the fika breaks, where everyone stops and gathers together to talk over a coffee and build relationships and share ideas.

I joined the Building Services team in Gothenburg which is part of a larger Building Services group in Sweden with over 650 employees in 28 offices. Our team offers the following services:

  • HVAC and Sanitation
  • Electrical Systems
  • Environment and Energy Dynamics in Buildings
  • BIM
  • Fire Engineering and Risk Analysis
  • Physical Protection
  • Telecom Systems
  • Lighting Design
  • Monitoring and Inspection of Buildings

For more information please visit our website:

Sweco’s Building Services team in Sweden offers project expertise in many different sectors and has been involved with many exciting and iconic projects in Sweden such as Stenpiren (stone pier) a new transport hub at the port of Gothenburg, Malmö’s famous Turning Torso building, the first Facebook data centre outside of the USA located in Luleå, north Sweden, and Lund’s Max IV laboratory.

Sweco projects

I am looking forward to continuing my adventure at Sweco and to get involved with some of the exciting upcoming infrastructure projects in Sweden.

Please feel free to comment below if you would like more information on the services we offer or have any other questions/ thoughts. In my next blog this week I will be discussing our international presence and expertise.

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