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Astronauts, FME and Augmented Reality at the Danish Conference ”Kortdage”

7 december 2018


Recently I had the pleasure to once again visit the yearly Danish mapping conference ”Kortdage”. A great event, as always. But this year it was extra special as it featured the Danish Astronaut Andreas Mogensen. (I am a true space nerd  and I was very happy to listen to Andreas talk about his adventures).

Together with my Danish Colleagues I think we showed some pretty cool stuff regarding GIS and BIM Connectivity.

Personally, I gave a presentation at a 3D Lab session. This was really fun, although I have to admit that it was a challenge for my voice as I had to do this three times in a row…

Luckily I had many fellow FME-experts at hand like Mik Wulf Thomsen and Nariman Emamian.

Mixing BIM-data from various sources for an interesting AR experience

At the 3D Lab session, we had the opportunity to try out a pre-release of FME that is really efficient in reading BIM-data from various sources. So we created a demo where you can select a room in a 3D-model (in this case Revit). Then you can combine this model with a panoramic image from a smartphone to produce a dataset usable in Augmented Reality. The idea was to simulate alternative possible views from your window! You can have a look at the video below:


FME AR in action

The growing network of FME Certified experts at Sweco

It’s really fun to be among so many colleagues coming from several countries that share a deep interest in FME. (Just have a look at the ”whopping” number of experts in different countries.)

One recent addition is Sigbjørn Herstad at Sweco Norway. Sigbjørn is internationally very well known within the FME Community and I bet You will have the opportunity to meet him in person when next year’s FME World Tour travels around the World! (Feel free to contact Sigbjørn with any tough FME-jobs and questions at



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