Här bloggar Swecos akustiker om ljud och buller. Hur påverkas vi av ljud och vilka riktlinjer har vi att förhålla oss till? Och, viktigast av allt; hur kan en akustiker arbeta för hållbara samhällen och städer?

Acoustics as part of a global Sweco

11 februari 2013

As Sweco’s presence throughout the world grows so does the requirements for collaborative work methods between internal departments and sister companies. This reality has far reaching consequences and requires an integrated approach to ensure that project communication and documentation are synchronised. This is particularly relevant in international projects where expertise is located great distances from the local site. This also poses challenges from an acoustic perspective; challenges which Sweco’s acoustic group have overcome through the use of acoustic software and work processes.

Although the fundaments of acoustics have not changed, the tools used to measure, assess and analyse acoustic data has changed significantly in the last decade. This advancement in technology has allowed us to remotely assess acoustic and noise related issues including;

  • Calculate environmental noise from transport, industrial and commercial sites through CadnaA acoustic software
  • Model the predicted sound within open plan spaces and critical spaces using CATT Acoustic software
  • Assess the sound insulation of floors, ceiling and facades to determine compliance with local acoustic standards using SonArchitect

Through collaboration with our colleagues in other departments (such as GIS and architecture) we can undertake much of this work remotely. Moreover the visual functionality of these programs allows us to present the acoustic data in an easily intelligible format which our clients or other relevant decision makers can understand and decipher.

Integration of global entities

Image 1. Connecting a global Sweco

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