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A penny for your thoughts!

5 mars 2013

Location, facilities and a good hotel breakfast are generally my first considerations when booking a hotel. Other requirements in a hotel I generally just expect, such as a hotel’s cleanliness, security and a good night’s sleep. And after my recent stay at a renowned hotel near London’s Covent Garden I must admit that all bar one of these requirements were satisfied. Everything but a good night’s sleep due to noise from a symphony of sources!

From the whistling of the radiator, to the hum of the bathroom vent, from the thud of footsteps from the corridor, to the clatter of the cleaner’s room next door and the bang of a hammer from an early morning’s façade renovation.

So following a satisfyingly good breakfast after a dissatisfying night’s sleep I marched to the hotel reception with a completed hotel review card entitled “A penny for my thoughts”. To which I responded; please consider hiring an acoustic consultant when renovating your hotel and promise me a good night’s sleep next time!

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